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Inspection and rehabilitation of the drainage system of the Helmholtz Zentrum München

Photo: orange suction/flushing vehicle with THORN logo and Rathosan logo; in front a lawn with hose and cables leading into an open channel; warning cap with inscription "Kanalarbeiten" (sewer work)
Facts and Figures
Company Thorn Abwassertechnik GmbH
PrincipalHelmholtz-Zentrum München
LocationMunich - Germany
Type Rehabilitation
Service duration05.2012 - 11.2018

Drainage of highly sensitive areas secured.

THORN has repeatedly received the framework agreement for the rehabilitation of the entire wastewater treatment plant in the research area of the Helmholtz Zentrum in Munich. A wide variety of techniques were used in this multi-year rehabilitation project: Partlining up to DN 300, the use of sewer milling robots for milling back disused connections, robot refurbishment (e.g. for inserting sleeves or for branch grouting), the rehabilitation of shaft structures, separator systems and lifting systems, and the construction of new shafts. 

The challenge in this exciting project was that the rehabilitation of the underground pipelines required special protection and safety precautions: Laboratories, virus laboratories, radioactive and animal rooms at the Helmholtz Zentrum were particularly sensitive areas – even for the experienced specialists at THORN Abwassertechnik. The drainage of the entire site into the urban sewer was carried out via central lifting systems. Particularly powerful systems were used to secure the receiving water.