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Pipe lining of sewers, Spaten Brauerei in Munich, Germany

Photo: THORN inspection vehicle in the form of a white box wagon; in front of the open tailgates, an employee in white protective clothing and various equipment in and on a large wooden box; in the background, an urban area
Facts and Figures
Company Thorn Abwassertechnik GmbH
PrincipalAnheuser Busch Germany
LocationMunich - Germany
Type Rehabilitation, Inspection
Service duration11.2016 - 07.2017
Architect/PlannerISAS (Mr Jörg)

Rehabilitation during brewing.

This order took THORN employees to a renowned Munich brewery. Immediately after conducting the engineering evaluation of the damage categories, the order was placed to carry out a first emergency measure to repair the most serious sewer damage. Most of the damage was repaired by closed procedures such as hose- and partlining. 

In addition, there were sewer areas that had to be replaced because of the severe damage caused by civil engineering work. The technologies used here were pipe lining up to DN 300, installation methods with hot water and UV light curing, and the construction of new shafts to enable inspection and rehabilitation as well as the laying of new sewers. 

THORN mastered numerous challenges in the course of this project –apart from the technical implementation. Because the refurbishment was carried out during ongoing brewing operations, compliance with strict hygiene guidelines was a prerequisite. Additionally, the rehabilitation work was carried out in logistically sensitive areas such as loading yards and storage cellars. Thus it was partially only possible to carry out the work at the weekends.