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Preservation of evidence and rehabilitation of municipal sewers, ARGE Am Westpark

Photo: view into a dark sewer with a diameter of about two metres; at some distance, a THORN employee with a torch and a headlamp; individual light reflections
Facts and Figures
Company Thorn Abwassertechnik GmbH
PrincipalPORR GmbH & Co. KGaA
LocationMunich - Germany
Type Inspection
Service duration05.2016 - 02.2017

Optical preservation of evidence during ongoing operation.

The project “Preservation of evidence and rehabilitation of municipal sewers, ARGE Am Westpark” focused on the public sewers DN 300 to DN 2050 surrounding the Am Westpark construction project.

THORN Abwassertechnik was awarded the contract for preservation of evidence proceedings before the start of construction work and after its completion. A self-propelled camera unit examined the sewers optically and documented their condition. The aim of this measure was to identify damage that had occurred during the construction project and had to be repaired after its completion. 

A key technology in this project was DN 300 partlining in the urban sewer to repair socket damage. Sewer milling robots were also used for milling back disused connections and manually repairing cracks and defects in walk-in sewers up to DN 2050. THORN’s specialists also used a self-propelled camera unit with satellite technology to document damage and repairs. 

A special feature of this project was that the rehabilitation measures were carried out in public sewers. MSE, Stadtentwässerung München, and its sewer operations maintain and operate these. The rehabilitation work could therefore only be carried out under complete monitoring and approval by MSE with ongoing sewer and traffic volumes.