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Rehabilitation of sewers for the Eching volunteer fire brigade

Photo: THORN employees in front of open channel entrance; behind them, two THORN suction and flushing vehicles; on the left (right?) in the picture, the fire station with several garage doors; in the background, a fire truck
Facts and Figures
Company Thorn Abwassertechnik GmbH
PrincipalMunicipality of Eching
LocationMunich - Germany
Type Rehabilitation
Service duration12.2015 - 03.2017
Architect/PlannerKonrad Huber GmbH

In action for the fire brigade.

On behalf of the municipality of Eching, building wings and yard surfaces of the Eching volunteer fire brigade were to be repaired. After the extension and conversion, the sewer pipes were rehabilitated and accepted together with the Special Purpose Association for Wastewater. 

In the course of this project, THORN Abwassertechnik relied on pipe lining up to DN 200 and installation methods with hot water curing. After these first steps, a sewer milling robot took over the opening of branches. The THORN team relied on the proven RATHOSAN full filling method for the rehabilitation of underground pipes.