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Experienced specialists and optimal equipment.

Professional inspection of wastewater pipes provides the basis for further measures such as cleaning or rehabilitation concepts, the elaboration of maintenance strategies, or feasibility calculations. Our specialists inspect connection, drop, ground, and collector sewer lines.

THORN Abwassertechnik is equipped for all needs and application scenarios through the use of state-of-the-art camera systems that deliver the highest image and video quality. Our employees carry out all inspection work strictly in accordance with the specifications of the  DWA, ATV M 143/II ATV 149/II.

The determination and assessment of the actual state is carried out through various measures in several steps.

  • Optical stocktaking by inspection and appraisal of sewers and pipes
  • Sewer profile and position measurement as well as calibration with electronic documentation
  • TV investigation of the sewer with high-resolution, waterproof colour cameras
  • Documentation by video recording on DVD, including detailed single image recordings and video prints
  • Profile and position measurement as well as calibration with electronic documentation

State-of-the-art sewer inspection.

In addition to our highly trained specialists, modern technical equipment is the basis for a professional inspection. THORN Abwassertechnik works with combined TV and high-pressure special vehicles as well as special sewer robots for setting shut-off bubbles. Our tracking devices are ready for use up to a depth of 6 m. Pressure testing systems with water and air as well as signal fog systems to locate concealed shafts and pipes are part of our standard equipment.

Equipped for all scenarios.

You can also rely on our decades of expertise in special cases. We have experience in the inspection of sewers as well as ground water culverts, industrial supply sewers, and landfill drainage pipes. If a sewer investigation requires the use of a diver, we also work with absolute professionals in this field.

We not only assess the type, location and extent of the damage but also its causes and possible consequences. We have also been able to demonstrate our expertise in proceedings for the preservation of evidence. Get in touch with our specialists. We have the right team and the optimal equipment also for your requirements. On request, we will be happy to create a tailor-made concept for you.

Our contact person for all questions concerning inspection.