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Pressure testing

Safety through professional diagnostics.

There are numerous requirements and laws for pressure or leak testing of wastewater and separator pipes. But this process is also of crucial importance for our environment. Timely pressure testing of pipes and drainage systems ensures that wastewater, faeces, or chemicals do not get into the groundwater. In this way, the environment and nature remain unpolluted. The earlier necessary repair work on pipes is detected, the better and more efficient it is.

Our modern pressure testing systems from the manufacturers ESME Mastertest and SKLARZ work with water or air depending on the requirements. Digital recording of the results is standard for us. We carry out leak testing of sewage pipes, shaft structures, and pipe couplings up to DN 700 according to the standards DIN EN 1610 and 1986-30. The general inspection of separator systems according to DIN 1999-100 and 4040-100 is also part of our broad repertoire.

Our contact person for all questions concerning pressure testing.